One of my 3 Hens stopped laying


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6 Years
Apr 23, 2013
Brooklyn, NY
I have 3 Two year old Hens. Two of them are the same breed and are excellent layers (they are mixed Leghorns). These hens all started laying late summer of 2013. This past fall (2014) was their first Molt. They all stopped laying late October. The Leghorns started laying in February. But the other chicken stopped laying and has not laid an egg since. I think she is too young to be done. But maybe that was it for her. She got very Fat and her legs got bumpier. She has been this way since the fall. could she be done? She has had some pasty butt but seems healthy. Just Fat. I don't know her breed. I think she is a mix. Here is an old photo of her in her laying days.


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