One of my Anthorpe hens has a virus or something. She has what looks like cottage cheese on her bot


Jul 21, 2016
I just became a hen owner 18 months ago. I love my hens. They come to me for treats, to be petted, and they are very friendly. I have 7 hens total. One of my hens has very loose bowels and has white cottage-cheese-like stuff on her bottom. I love in a town of over 100,000 but I have called every vet in town and none of them treat chickens.

My hen, Miss Daisy, has had this problem for about 4-5 days. I have been desperately trying to surf the net to find something to treat her. I also plan to worm all of my hens.

I surely don't want to lose any of my hens. They have slowed down their laying due to temps of 100 plus. Also, is it ok to eat the
eggs while giving them meds?


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Apr 3, 2011
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Welcome to BYC. You will want to discard your eggs after treating for worms, or if using another medication. When using a worming such as Valbazen or SafeGuard which get many types of worms, the withdrawal time is 14 days after the last dose. With Wazine, the withdrawal time is 17 days. Post again if you need dosages. Can you soak your hen in some warm and soapy water to clean her off, and then take a picture of what you are seeing? White in the droppings is urates, similar to urine, and droppings can cake up on feathers under the vent, making them a prime target for maggot infestation in summer heat. Probiotics or plain yogurt with cultures is good to add to the diet twice a week for intestinal health. If possible, it is nice to get a fecal test performed on several fresh droppings, if a local vet will agree to that. That way, you will know what kind of worms they have, and if there is coccidia in large amounts.

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