One of my BR's is limping when she walks.

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    Jul 30, 2011
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    Good morning all,

    I have 3 chickens that free range in my fenced back yard. The day before yesterday my neighbor woke me up to tell me he had my chickens in his front yard! I surmised they got out by going over the fence. This is the first time they have got out of the yard, but it will be the last time. More on topic...or to make a short story long... Last evening I noticed the Alpha chicken limping when she ran and holding it up when she is just standing. I can't feel anything out of place or grossly misaligned. I am thinking she may have had a hard landing when she fell for the old, 'grass is greener' routine.

    Should I be giving her more protein for healing or keep her activities restricted? Is there anything you would do differently? Thank you for the advice.
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    Lots of hens bruise themselves, in ways similar to what you surmise. Give it a day or two and I'd bet she'll perk right up. Rest her indoors in her coop/run.

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