One of my chickens laid her first egg. When will more come?


5 Years
Jul 18, 2014
Yesterday one of my chickens laid an egg. I was curious to when she will lay again? Also my chickens do not stay in their coop, they flew out of their gated coop and have since been sleeping in our tree. When one laid the egg, it was on our front porch chair. It hey never allow us to touch them. They also hate to be separated and cry when they are. I was curious, will she most likely continue to lay on my chair? Or should I keep searching my yard?


6 Years
Oct 6, 2013
It will probably lay in the same spot. But if another chicken takes her spot she will lay some where else. Or if they are laying at different times she will keep laying there.


5 Years
Jul 14, 2014
Central British Columbia
Did you ever close them in the coop for a day or 2? It seems to convince them that the coop is home. Most of my birds needed a day ( at least) closed in the coop to think of the coop as home, and return there at night. 25 hours ( apparently ) between eggs I've never timed them. Fake eggs might convince them to lay in the coop. Seeing the fake makes the bird think " hey good place to lay eggs". Keep searching the yard you never know where eggs could be even if they like the coop. Mine have surprised me with eggs in odd places before, and they like there laying boxes.


5 Years
Aug 10, 2014
Central NY
Though I am a relative newbie at chicken-raising... we got our first egg last week. The initial egg was in the run. After some researching, I kept the girls "locked" up in the run/coop until 1-3pm for the next few days, while also placing some golf balls inside the nesting boxes. By the 2nd day, they seemed to have gotten it... the couple of eggs we have gotten have all been laid inside the nesting boxes. I have started to let them out as usual (around 8:30am) to free-range... and so far have only gotten 2 eggs inside. Haven't found any outside in their usual spots yet... I think they are still trying to get the hang of laying.

As for being inseparable... yes, my older 3 run and roam around like a gang since they are bigger (whenever they get separated, they will cry out and make a run to rejoin the group) while my 2 ameraucanas are basically attached at the hip 24/7. It's really the cutest thing!

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