One of my chicks had just died :-(


Jan 25, 2017
South Australia
Just went out to check on them and found my only female buff Orpington chick (2 weeks) with its head stuck in the fence and obviously no longer alive. She was still warm. If only id gone out 10 minutes earlier i might have been able to save her :hit its not fair!! i felt really sad carrying her little body back to the house.

Compost King

Free Ranging
Apr 19, 2018
Salisbury, North Carolina
Sorry for your loss. not sure if this will help in future prevention of the same problem but I thought I would share it if helps anyone else.
I was having an issue with chickens having their large single combs cut off by 2 inch chicken wire as they stuck their heads through to eat the greener grass on the other side. Rather than spend money to fix it I used free bamboo and eliminate the threat. I also do this to stop the chicks that get too far away from a broody mama as they go through fences she can't. This specific remedy might not work for the fencing you have but for other types of fencing you may have access to long thin flexible branches that can be weaved into welded wire fencing or other types of fencing. I use bamboo soft flexible branches for that but I do not have a decent example of that in use on my urban homestead at the moment to take a picture of it. Yes it takes a long time to do this but I have a lot more hours than I do dollars so I did the long laboring process of cutting bamboo to length and weaving it in. the tighter you need the harder it is to do.
Sometimes a looser weave gets the job done and thats not so hard on the hands to accomplish.

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