One of my chicks keeps chirping! Help!

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Dec 12, 2009
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Since early this morning my most active chick has been cheeping loudly. The others are just fine, eating drinking and all. Mr. chirp seems fine otherwise too. He/she drinks, eats, picks at grit. And whenever I put my hand in the brooder he pecks at my fingers thinking I have some egg whites. They are about one week old or 6 days today. Is it something I should be concerned about? My other chicks could care-less about sticking under the lamp, they are just fine. I think I'll move it a little closer. Anyone have any suggestions in the meantime?
I would say if he is eating/drinking/pooing he is just find and simply has a big mouth! If they are not all huddled up together seeking warmth the light is probably close enough, but if you move it closer just make sure they can still move away if needed.
If it is the distress chirping, it means something. You can tell the difference in distress chirping and just peeping. Some are naturally loud but the distress chirping really gets your attention. Does it have pasty butt? Can it walk OK?

I had one that was doing the distress chirping chirping the day after I got them. When I dipped its beak in the water again, it stopped chirping and started drinking a lot. Obviously this is not your problem but I'll mention it for the possible benefit of someone else that might read your post.
These are my first chicks ever, I'm not sure what distress chirping would sound like. He runs and walks just fine, sometimes he tries to jump over the brooder. No pasty butt as far as I can tell. Come to think of it I havn't seen him drink this morning. I'll go check on him now.
If you hear it, you will recognize it. It is loud, kind of sad, and clearly a plea for help. If it does not sound significantly different from the other chicks, it is not a distress chirp. From your description and how active it is, I think it may just be a loud mouth chick.
Hehe, turns out the little guy/gal just forgot where the water was. It's drinking a lot now after I dipped it's beak into the water, and is making contented little chirps. Silly chick.
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Collective information is the best!!
I am glad it is doing better! Ill be sure to remind my chicks where their water is at!

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