One of my favorite things about my flock...

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    Jul 12, 2012
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    I wanted to share, since I am a newbie to the world of chicken farming as I am sure many of you have experienced this for years. But one of my favorite things about my flock is when they are out of their coop free ranging and I walk outside they all run up to me. Some will even try to fly to get to me as soon as they can. As I walk I feel like the mother duck with her ducklings walking behind me or in front of me. If you sit on the ground they will be all around picking at the ground or my clothes, and one will even jump up onto my shoulder and sit and rub her face on me. She also does this almost every time I scoop out the coop run (don't burst my bubble if this is a bad thing about rubbing her face on me because I like thinking that it's affection [​IMG])

    Just thought I would share. Simple things in life are special.
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    That's so cute!!! My chicken kinda does those but not the jumping on my shoulder part. :)
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    I agree - chickens are one of life's simple pleasures! Thanks for sharing.

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