One of my girls has bumblefoot....


8 Years
Mar 14, 2011
I've never had a case of bumblefoot. I have done some research here and found the thread that has the step-by-step pictures of how to treat. My remaining question is should I go a step further and give my girl penicillin? I have some on hand to inject if needed.

Other than that, we're going to start treating her in the morning - wish me luck and keep us in your prayers!
I would skip the systemic antibiotics. They can be quite hard on the system. I would treat the bumblefoot first w/o the PCN and if infection becomes worse, maybe give it.
OK.. Totally agree. I just don't want to miss something and with all the info it's quite possible! Thank you very much!
I did it! I used a scalpel and, although it took awhile, I found the hard bumps, cut fairly deep into the large bump on the bottom of Amy's foot and into a hard lump on top between toes, and pulled out several "kernels" - one was really big! Thank goodness my husband was willing to hold her for me. We put a sock over her head and that helped alot. They MUST have a very high pain tolerance. I know I made somewhat of a mess out of it and probably too many cuts and it just broke my heart - but I knew it had to be done.

Amy is resting in a box with a towel in it in my kitchen. She ate and drank right away so she's not too traumatized. Now I just have to change her bandages every day and watch for infection. Neosporin is my friend!

Thank you again to all those people who posted the procedures on how to deal with this.
Wow, you did good! And I thank you for posting this and also giving detail on the cutting and even the sock over the head! GREAT idea! Right now I have a girl that I am treating with a wound she got on one of her pads and I caught it early enough that I am hoping it does not turn into bumble foot. I have been cleaning the area and applying neosporin for over a week now, doing this a few times a day. And it is slowly healing. I have been concerned on how to treat this issue if it does develop into bumble foot.

However now, after reading your post, I have a clear idea on what I will need to do if it does come to this. Thank you SO much for sharing!!

And I hope your girl makes a COMPLETE recovery soon!
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I'm not exactly sure why Bumblefoot happens the way it does... but after seeing the pictures and reading the step-by-step procedure for treating it, my impression is that the "kernels" some sort of encapsulation of infection or hardening of the infection. You identify Bumblefoot by a brownish/black "spot" in the swelling on the bottom of the foot. They get it various ways - but some are stepping on thorns, pointy rocks, jumping from high places, ... etc.

Here is the page I finally used for instruction. I ended up slicing a good 1/2 inch across the swelling to get what I hope are all the kernels out. Amy's didn't just pop out. Hope this helps:

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