One of my girls is getting picked on.

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    I have seven 9-month old guinea fowl. I started with 8, but one died at a week old. One of them seems to get picked on a lot. I'm pretty sure it's female. It's very quiet, so it's hard to tell, but I'm pretty sure I hear two syllables. Plus, the helmet's a lot smaller. I was told that they tend to pair up. Is this true? Would it be wise to even the number of guineas up to find her a mate? Or separate her from the others? If your suggestion is to even the number of guineas, should I start with a keet or get one that's close to the same age as her? Thanks for your input!!
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    There is usually at least one low bird in the pecking order, sounds like your poor Hen is the chosen one in your flock.

    I wouldn't separate her, unless you are going to bring some younger Guineas in for her to bond with, or have a gentle flock of chickens she will fit into... otherwise the Guinea flock will really reject/ostracize her and pick on her even worse if you ever try to add her back in. She may be the low bird this season, but by mid-season or even next season her place in the pecking order will most likely change.

    Guineas will/do pair up during breeding season, but in my flocks the dominant male in the flock (the Alpha) usually has more than one Hen that he will claim as his own. My birds also tend to have multiple mates, or switch mates during the season.

    I would just make sure she that has plenty of places to hide in the coop/pen to get away from getting picked on (but not get trapped behind), and also make sure she gets enough to eat and drink (add an extra feeder and waterer)... they will usually work it out themselves.

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