One of my girls is limping,what could be wrong?

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chickon baby

10 Years
Mar 26, 2009
st charles
Good Morning,Any advice or other things to look for is appreciated.
Almost 2 yr old blk wyondotte,limping on left foot
Normal diet,normal appetite..she lets you pick her up n acts fine
No obvious signs on leg,foot,nails or body;no swelling,discolorations,scrapes,blood etc.
doesnt appear to be in pain
All my girls have been in the coop alot due to weather and have only been out in the fenced in run little bits the last few days...
Not sure what to do or what else to look for.
Thanks for your help
She could have just stepped on something... Mine have come up lame with no signs, then after a few days were fine.. Hopefully that is what happened!
Assuming the undersides of her feet are healthy, I'd assume it's a trauma, she probably rose up and bumped a leg/foot or came down hard off a roost. Be sure your bedding is deep enough when they have to be kept it. Also, if you look at this page under 'Ruby Gets a Hitch in her Geddy-Up', you may read something that is helpful-
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Update on eenie; there is no rooster,only eenie n her 2 sisters till my new girls arrive next month.I went back out to sit w/the girls and re-evaluate her foot/leg.Eenie now has a little swelling on her far left is in the middle..1/2 way between her nail n 1/2 way from where the toe meets the base of her foot.No redness,no cut,no scratches nothing else.She is eating/drinking n appears perfectly fine other than the limp.She does walk on it n does put some weigh on it. The swelling spot is abt the size of my pinky nail or abt 1/2 the size of a best guess tement..the swelling is on the top of her toe,nothing underneath.Im soo confused.I will keep a close eye on her n I appreciate any other ideas as to what to look for or do.Thankyou.
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