One Of My Hens Has The Runs?

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How long has this been going on?
Have the hens been out to free range at all? Sometimes greens will give a hen runny poo.

Since there are any number of reasons for this, I would keep an eye on her for a few days to see if the problem clears up on its own.

Although gallo34 is an advocate of worming, please read the warning labels on wormers before you take action in this regard, and I would recommend having a vet do a fecal float to test for the presence of worms before using a wormer. On the label of my bottle of Wazine, for instance, it says NOT FOR USE IN CHICKENS WHICH PRODUCE EGGS FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. I bought it before I read the label.

There is no need to delouse if there are no lice. To check for lice, turn the chicken on its back and check the vent area carefully for eggs or lice. You can google "lice on chickens" and get photos if you wish.
the intestines are irritated and these irritations furnish breeding places for different types of bacteria, many of which produce dangerous toxins...thus, wearing down the natural resistance...birddog wrote - "no change in diet at all"...worming is what I do...when the "squirts" present themselves... I inject or give a tablet...and while I'm at it...delouse- needed or not-

you are right...when you are worming or medicating in general, you have to wait afew weeks eat the!

I wouldn't eat the eggs of a hen with the "squirts", nor would I sell or give it to anyone...

an ounce of prevention, is worth.......

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