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  1. Okay this sounds crazy but I have no idea how to build an external access nesting box. - yes seriously. I usually put them inside larger coops - and this year is my first time doing small coops. I'm almost done on my second one - I still have one wall that needs to be finished off - but I want to build 2 nest boxes that I can access outside...

    So how do you build them? Or any really good pictures of the installation of them would be amazing! Even after pics I may be able to get a better idea on what I'm doing.

    The ones I usually see are just a frame on the front of them slipped through the wall? I take it their mounted to studs as well...I think I got the IDEA right- I just want to make sure i'm 100% clear on it before I go mucking around and use up the little recycled wood I have left for this project - lol.

    Edited to add :

    Any help would be greatly appreciated and thank you guys in advance!
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    I haven't found out either! I'm just "tagging" this thread XD
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    I was in the same boat as you. I did manage to find one similar to what I had imagined here on the site but cant find the link. The one thing I did differently was to use left over 1" plywood from a remodel as a base. I cut it in the shape of the floor and a notched end that sticks into the coop. I then bolted it into the frame 2x4 and reinforced with screws. With that in place, I built the frame with 1x2s and screws. It isn't going anywhere and pleased with the overall result.

    I intended to build the coop and finish the nest box later, but it all came together so quickly. Once the base was relatively secure, the framing screwed together and to the existing coop wall made it surprisingly strong.

    The coop wall frame is all 2x2 except for the piece where I was expecting it to be weight bearing and chose a 2x4. The pic below is me aligning the wall pieces to be screwed together.

    I'll need to find more pics.

    Heres where the frame is screwed into the coop walls

    Here it is with just the top missing.

    This is what it looked like before adding the nest box.
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  4. Thanks that helps!

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