One Panel Hoop Coop


Nov 4, 2015
I was wondering if anyone has ever made a hoop coop using only one 4'x16'' cattle panel? That would still be 8 ft. wide,4 ft deep and 6 ft. high.I'll have my nest box on the outside.That should be enough room for a trio of English Orpingtons. I still let them out on my days off. I work rotating shifts,4 on, 4 off. I had some post on here earlier about sick chickens. I over reacted. I was giving them antibiotics,corid, rooster booster poultry cell,triple wormer,ACV with "mother".etc. I stopped all that and they are perked up. Healthy and happy They were more stressed and doped up than Charlie S. LOL. I was really surprised today when one of my 16 week old NH pullets laid an egg! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I just want to make a predator proof, inexpensive cage.My first coop and run cost me $400 in material. It's 12'x4x4' high. I've made others that aren't that big and didn't cost so much. Thanks for any advice. DR
A cattle panel is a section of a barrier type fence enclosure. How secure will it be against which predators??? What is wrong with the coops you now have ??? If they are small, is it possible or economical to just enlarge or add on to ??? Post some pix and maybe we can get some idea solutions your way.
I've got chickens that are different ages.4 months,5 and 6 months. The 5 and 6 month old were all raised together.They all got along good for awhile.I have a pair of Delawares, 2 BCM pullets and a Buff Orpington.pullet. I have a BCM cockerel that is 6 months old that I got somewhere else.. He has been in a pen right next to the other ones for 2 months now. With the hens, the pecking order is all messed up.I have to keep them separated because they fight. Then I have the 4 month old NH trio that have already started laying.When I let them out,they all gang up on the NH's. The BCM cockerel goes after the Delaware pullet. I realize I'll have to put more sturdy wire over the the cow panel.As far as predators, I have raccoons,opossums,coyotes,skunks,mink,hawks,owl,eagles etc,I live on a lake here in the piedmont/foothills of NC. All kinds of critters here.I have a sturdy fence around my coops and runs.I have chicken fever and just want to build another inexpensive pen. I do need to add on to NH coop. I didn't expect for them to start laying so fast. Thanks for any advice. I'll send pics tomorrow.
I've got several coops made with 2 cattle panels. That makes them 8' x a little more than 8' and yes about 6' tall. For just 3 chickens, I don't see why a single cattle panel wouldn't work as a coop. Wouldn't work for staying in any length of time - but you can always extend the length as a run.

Because we don't currently have issues with predators, I have our hoop coops covered in chicken wire. Hardware cloth and/or wood or green house type panels will provide more protection if needed. There are a variety of ways to make a hoop coop predator proof and there are several of those in the Coops section of this site. Price varies w/ how you build and what materials used.

Like CavemanRich, I'm curious as to another coop? Is this to separate new chickens coming in?

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