One piped 9 hours ago shall I give it a few more hours

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8 Years
Apr 7, 2011
One piped about 9 hours ago and was wiggling at the time, but no movement since. How long can it take for them to finish from Pip? don't really want to assist it.
It can take up to 25 hours for a baby to finish breaking open the shell, so absolutely, give it more time! Don't help it, either, because it needs to be sure to absorb all of the moisture on its own; also, if it isn't strong enough to get out on its own, it has very little chance of surviving after its out of the shell. Just give it the full 25 hours to finish crawling out.
How long after the chicks hatch before i can take them to the brooder. There are still a bunch left that havent hatched. Six hatched today as of now.
We usually just wait for them to dry in the incubator, then move them to the brooder

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