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Apr 23, 2009
We have 9 chickens. 8 are just 6 months old and just starting to lay. We have one old chicken from our first batch of chicks left but she is retired.

Our friend found a young chicken in her neighborhood. She would keep it but she says it crows like a rooster and can not have that due to neighbors. It is not a rooster because it has started laying. It has been in quarantine for a month.

Is it safe to introduce her into our flock? is a month a long enough quarantine? Our chickens have been on medicated starter crumble since birth and just now switching to layer pellets
Yes, a month is the typical wait time.You could add the hen in during the night or do controled exposure via a crate or fencing. I did the night time thing meshing two groups,but did the crate/fence when I introduced the roo.Best wishes with the pecking order!

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