One runner duckling died already--what's wrong?


8 Years
Sep 11, 2011
I just received my ten Indian Runner duckling yesterday. All ten were happily eating, drinking, and basking in the heat lamp. I noticed when I pick up the ducklings, they start to regurgitate the water they drank. It's not like I'm squeezing them, I'm just picking them up and gently petting them. It is a thick, saliva like, mixed with their drinking water fluid that leaks out of their bill when I pick them up. Well, one of them I dropped (not far, only a few inches) and she proceeded to cough and wheeze. I think she probably aspirated the watery regurgitation into her respiratory system and coughed all night until she died. But now I am scared to death to even touch any of the new ducklings! I'm new to ducks, I've only had chicks and they never oozed out water when I picked them up.

So what is wrong? Yes, they are drinking a lot of water on their own. Is it normal for them to regurgitate it up when you touch them?

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