one sad mommy.... :(


8 Years
Jun 21, 2011
So today marks the day, 1 year ago, I was taken into the hospital to be induced (pre-e) and 7 hours later I had my beautiful baby girl... yesterday there was a note on her daycare paper saying she was walking all over the room which I didnt truely believe until I seen her let go of the couch an walk into the kitchen, around the corner past the bathroom, around another corner back into the living room by herself, not holding onto anything and not falling... Im sad today... if only she could stay a baby forever
Just wait. You'll turn around twice & be doing what I am doing tomorrow....

taking my youngest DD to take her driving test. Sigh. Where DID the time go?
Wait until they start driving your car! Then you'll wonder where the time went.
My oldest daughter graduates this year and my youngest is 8 years old. Not so much a baby anymore. It's amazing how they grow so fast.
It goes fast but I enjoy all stages
My youngest 2 are 13 now...with the oldest being 23, then 21, then was just thinking how I LOVE having no more car seats!!
My oldest are 31 & 32 and my "baby" just turned 15. I remember clear as day when each were tiny babies. How can my youngest be a teenager when he's just a little baby to me?????
How can my 2 older ones be in their 30's?? They're babies I tell ya
I sent my oldest to kindergarten this week. She was a sight for sore eyes today. She came home and I thought she looked like the most beautiful thing ever. I always do but man I missed her this week. I am a stay @ home momma and didn't think I would miss her this much at all. BUT WOW! I realized just how much fun she is and now someone else gets to have her all day. Sad mommy here too. Hugs to you girl!
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