One squeaking chick...


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Apr 30, 2011
Elk Grove CA
Just brought my six chicks home today from the feed store...Two each of Road Island Reds, Americanas and Black Brahmas. Five of them are just chilling out in the breeder (92 degrees) and one is just squeaking away constantly..

They have food and water and know where both are....
Is this normal?
Am I missing something?

Concerned new owner...
I'm a newbie but have raised 28 chicks from day olds and r now 8 weeks old. Sounds like for some reason that one could b cold. Some just need more heat. Try holding it in a towel to see if it stops chirping when it gets warmer.
Give it some scrambled or hard boiled egg, and vitamins (no iron) and or electrolytes in its water, make sure it is eating and getting water, some are just slower to catch on.
I had one that did that...put electrolytes in the water to help it out...also i ended up putting a CLEAN stuffed animal in the cage (or you can place like a wash rage in there too) gave her something to cuddle up to, and it was much much MUCH happier and warmer..... also check its bum to make sure they don't have pasty butt that is giving it pain...hope this helps

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