One week into it, and I'm already upgrading my brooder...


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Feb 6, 2010
Orange County
Well since it's raining AGAIN this weekend, and preventing me from any progress on the Coop.

I guess a brooder upgade is in order.

It's nothing really professional, and I know that I'll be building an even larger one within a week or two.
but hey, it works for now, and at least they've got a little more room,...

Large storage tub at Walmart........................ $7
new clamp light with ceramic socket.................$11
indoor/outdoor thermometer..........................$8
zip ties, and a couple boards for raised area..... free, (I already had those in the garage)

Not bad for $26 bucks, and it's nice to have on the coffee table in front of me, so I can keep an eye on them while relaxing in my recliner.



I mounted the thermometer inside with some zip ties, and ran the pobe portion over to the lamp side. this gives me an idea of the temp range from one side to the other, and lets me determine what range the chicks are most comfortable at.


Here's a shot of them in the new digs. They are all huddleing up on the lamp side, mostly because I've got the camera stuck inside, and it's new to them.

Well, we were in 66 qt tub, but they started touching the mesh lid when they jumped so I put them in a box that my sister had a recliner delivered in, which seemed pretty big. But my 3 year old niece visiting next week and to avoid a spill I think they need to be visible so I'm constructing a 4x4 pen with chicken wire sides. But I am waiting for the man to come home and say if we should moderate the size a bit because we won't be able to fit it through the door probably.
What wattage bulb do you have in there? I have noticed alot of people with the light right over the brooder.
When I upgrade usually around 3 to 4 weeks sometimes longer if I dont have to many, I use a kiddie pool with a doggie play yard around it in our attached garage. What is the box for in your brooder?
haha I did the same thing this weekend!

here is the post link I just made

used those wire shelving cubes you can buy at target to make mine, used cable ties at the connectors for extra support, and i was afraid they would be able to get through the holes at the bottom so I taped some scrap cloroplast around it, you could use cardboard to. you can build it in the house as big as you want, no doors to fit through
the bulb is a 100w, and the box is for 2 reasons,
1- to get them closer to the light if necessary,
2 - to give them something to jump up and down from.
They seem to enjoy doing that alot !
I was very lucky - a friend of mine owns a box supply company. He had a a stack of boxes sized 3x3x3 - perfect! As my babies have grown, I put two together, so now the brooder is 6' x 3' and still 3' tall. They have lots of space and there are 40 chicks in it right now. We'll have to upgrade again really soon I'm sure!
YUP!!! I went through the same thing......about the time i would finish one....i would need a bigger one.

I finally got the coupe built.....and now have several brooders to use when and how needed.

Welcome to the club !!!
I am going to have to switch my chicks to a different brooder for the third time. Its amazing how fast they grow!

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