One week off on hatch, hatching on turners HELP!!!!! Stuck and some bl


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Okay, so I put the wrong week on my hatch on the calendar. When I was looking in there tonight 3 are pipped and one hatching. I had to move them to my hatcher because I have other eggs in there that are only a week along.

I got them moved over and I could see blood on the one that had zipped. What should I do??????????????????????????????????

I upped the humidity, and I moistened the zipped one and he popped out. There is blood all over him though. I am so sad and confused, and I feel TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What should I do? Let them try and hatch on their own or do I need to wet them.

Thank you
take a sponge and wet it good, pop in the microwave to get it good and hot and toss in the bator quickly, humidity will come up instantly. then DONT open it again til they all hatch out. the one that has blood all over it, says it pipped through a blood vein. it should be okay if blood loss is not too much. just leave it in the bator to rest. if it makes it 24 hours, the blood will regenerate itself and it will be fine.
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