One who sleeps in the nest??


9 Years
May 3, 2010
Southern NH
I have one pullet who sleeps every night in the nest, I have tried moving her and she goes back.... My girls are 14 weeks now and Im concerned this is going to interfere with them laying in there.... She is also the bottom of the flock girl too, from what i can tell.


9 Years
Jul 20, 2010
Half Way, Missouri
I had that problem for awhile and then I broke them of it by putting the roosts in the back of the hen house and the nest boxes in the front. At night I would close off the roosted birds. I didn't like them sleeping in the nest boxes and getting the straw all spoiled- makes for messy eggs!


9 Years
Sep 4, 2010
NE Ohio
I have one hen (22 weeks old, not laying yet) that insists in laying in Box #1. We named our nesting/laying boxes. Anyway, almost every nite I go out, remove her and put her on the roost with her sisters, and the next day she is at it again. I almost have given up. No harm done, but I am tired of the droppings in the box. She is twice the size of her hatch-mates, I think it is a he/she. She is totally different than the rest, even has white feet (the rest have yellow). We call her Helga, I can almost not put my hands around her when I pick her up. Maybe, she knows she is odd and chooses to sleep alone. She does not sleep IN the box, just on the edge, of course with her back end hanging over the nest. Chickens are funny, aren't they?

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