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Apr 18, 2009
Elkins, WV
When I built my winter pen, I never thought there would be 3 feet of snow to allow vermin to enter the pen. The whole bottom of my pen has chicken wire over 2" wire. There are sides and a roof. A mink used the high snow to get into the pen. I have found 4 chicken so far and I believe I will find more. I lost a whole flock 4 years ago. One chicken has a fatal neck injury. He will be euthanized. I assure you, it is now on. I have traps left over from many years ago. The chickens are locked in and the carcasses are in the corners. If the mink comes back, it is dead. I know - my fault for not having a better pen, but I haven't had a loss in 5 years. This is an unusual snow. Anyway, wanted to vent somewhere. I am sorry if this offends mink lovers, but the mink will die if I have anything to do with it.

PS - Gonna be looking for hathcing eggs I guess. These were my pullets it got.
WOAH!!! 3 FEET???
I guess I should stop feeling sos sorry for myself! Poor chickens. I normally like mink, but anything that kills chickens is my enemy!!
I guess we will find out tonight if Mink are attracted to tuna fish. I have a trap set along his path - one way in and out. Hope to meet this villain in the AM.

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