One Year Old Hen- Broken Toe??? What Can We Do?


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Jun 21, 2012
One of our hens just started limping really badly yesterday. If she's in a hurry, she'll hop on her one good foot, but otherwise, she slowly walks/limps. It looks really painful, but she's still able to get around. I think one of my kids shut the gate to the chicken yard too soon, and caught her foot in it.

Anyway, what should I do? Or should I do anything? My husband checked out the foot and said it felt like the bone was broken. Would appreciate any advice!


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Apr 26, 2013
You could try to set it if it has just happened but if you aren't confident or it has already altered path then I would just leave it. As long as she doesn't get a secondary infection then in a few weeks she won't even know it is there. The only thing is it would ruin her for show or for some people just to look at. Sometimes when they break they are walking so well that it could be three or four days before I notice it. By then I think it is too late. We don't get this too often thankfully but this Winter with all the wind and what not we have unfortunate three times...


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Feb 5, 2009
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You can try securing it with a bit of vet wrap or probably even a bandaid or two. Put a bit of Neosporin or something similar on it if the skin is broken -- also, keep her off the ground for a couple of days if possible. Don't use an ointment with a "caine" drug in it, such as cetacaine or benzocaine.


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Apr 28, 2013
I have a similar question. I have an 8 week old Brahma with a dislocated middle toe. She appears to be in no pain what soever. She is running around with her sisters and climbing the mulch pile in the garden. My husband gently rotated it back and forth while I held her and she didn't make a peep. He said it feels like it is out of its socket. Should we try to get it back in the socket or just tape it with athletic tape? They have only been out in the coop for just over a week now. Do I need to separate her from her sisters? The Brahmas are very docile, but they are coop mates with two 6 week old Black Jersey giants which are very dominant and chest bumpy. Also two 6 week old Americaunas. I just worry that the others will peck at the tape and hurt her.

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