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Apr 25, 2013
Kansas city , Missouri
Welcome to the September duck show! Here is how it works, Share the best photo of your duck, Tell us Gender, Age, Name, And
on September 31st I will announce the winner. Good luck!
What a neat idea! Is there a limit to how many pictures we can enter?

All ducks pictured are currently nameless, so name suggestions are welcome!

Female khaki campbell, Female black and white mix, Male Indian fawn runner

Male, call duck


1st pair shown is my pair of Khaki Calls, yet to be named (suggestions welcomed) and not sure age, breeder didnt say but 6-9 months

2nd pair is my pair of Snowy Grey Calls, Jack and Diane, and same breeder and age area 6-9 months so still reaching mature plumage
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BTW they are my first 2 pairs 70 for both pairs all together! I think they will do very well
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