Only 1 Duck hatched so far - should I keep waiting? Updated with Pics


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May 7, 2009
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I have 4 Call Duck eggs and all looked good when I locked down on Thu afternoon. One surprised me and hatched out yesterday around 1 pm. Nothing from the other 3, I don't even see a pip. I don't want to risk lowering the humidity by opening the bator, but this little duck seems so lonely and I can't wait to see him in person.

They are due to hatch on Sunday, but I can't understand why one would have developed more quickly. I'm getting really nervous.
Should I go ahead and take him out?

Three of the 4 hatched - one pipped, but never made it. I got the eggs on Ebay and the seller just said they were a mix of different call ducks, so I'm not sure of breed. Two look identical and the last one which hatched today is colored a little differently and is really small.

Below is the little one that hatched today. I think it's adorable!

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The temp could have been a little bit high making the egg hatch early.
I would wait until Sunday morning and if nothing by then I would take care of the one.
Call ducks are just plum hard to hatch for first timers or those without waterfowl hatching experience. Leave the other eggs be until 2-3 past the expected hatch date. To get 1 of the 4 is great and if more hatch they will be a bonus. CD's are harder to hatch because of those tiny short bills they have. Good luck with the rest.

What temp and humidity are you running?
What incubator are you using?.
were these shipped eggs?
Thanks - another has hatched and looks like another is starting to pip. They are shipped eggs - started out with 12, but discarded 6 early on as they showed no signs of development half way through. I am using a hovabator with fan and manually turned them even though I have a turner - was told ducks do better with hand turning. Kept the temp pretty consistent at 99.5 & humidity around 50 - 55%. On lock down, I reduced the temp ot 98.5 & upped the humidity to between 60 & 65. There were a few times that the temp did get up to around 100, had to keep turning it down as the eggs got began developing. So now that another has hatched, I'll be more patient and the 1st little duck has a snuggle buddy, even if it does want to sleep. Funny, even though they are only about a day apart, the 1st is almost twice as big - even without food & water.
Everything sounds good so far, but don't drop the temp at lock down for future reference. Keep the temp the same all the way through and only up the humidity at the end like you did with this set. The ducks can take 24-36 hours to completely hatch too, so that 4th could still start to hatch. The first hatchlings will be fine nnit everyone's out before you need to remove them. Remember ducklings waterlog easily and can't get out of deep water easily. Can't wait to see photos.
Thanks for the info - I'll remember for future reference. Will post pics once everyone is hatched, hopefully by tomorrow.

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