Only 2, pullet and roo


10 Years
Jun 14, 2009
We incubated 12 eggs, 5 hatched... only the BR (2)survived. At 5 weeks, it's become obvious that one is a roo and the other a pullet. How long can they stay together without separating? Is it a given that I'll need more hens ? or is it possible they may live together quite well?

We're new to all this but enjoying the experience! Thanks for your input. All of you have already been a wealth of information!
I am curious on this as well as I have a pair that is a pullet and cockerel. They are about 14 weeks old now and I he harrasses her but not incessantly (yet). I am wondering how long until I need to either move her to the other pen and get rid of him, or move some of the other pullets into their pen.

Susie, if nothing else, mine are doing okay still at 14 weeks...even with a really aggressive cockerel......So you have at least 9 weeks to find more pullets

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