only half my hens are laying


8 Years
May 24, 2011
hello lads new hear so sorry if this is in the wrong place
but i have around 25 hens. and i am only getting 13eggs a day. all the hens are the same age all the same bread(there road islands reds) that are not laying ther around 13months old.
they are all in the same pen and are being fed layers pellets and getting plently of water and straw to nest on
can any body help me please:)
You can try to up their protein. Most pellets are around 16%. Try a Flock Raiser product that generally is available in 20-24% protein.
You'll have to provide shells on the side, as Flock Raiser does not have enough calcium for a hen's diet included. Many, many flock keepers here love the Raiser.
Nothing is certain, but that is your best bet. Over crowding, mites, worms and other issues should also be addressed as they too can effect lay rate.

i think that mught be my problem as a few weeks ago my sisters dog killed 10 of my hens just out side of the pen and some in side of the pen. every day i go out i notice that there are always eggs broke or pecked at.
so i will try to feed them bread ever day when i go out to get them used to me and i will see what i can do after that;l

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