Only one hatched so far

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  1. juliet3sierra

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    Jan 7, 2013
    So this is my second hatch. First one was about 85% success. This one was set to hatch on the 6th. The first one just hatched today and no movement from any others. Has anyone had a similar incident? The one appears strong and fine. There were only two out of twelve I wasn't sure if they were fertile because the shell was too dark.
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    IF there are for sure no pips I would give them tonight since the one chick jsut hatched but tammrow if there are for sure no pips you could try holding it up to your ear and listening or float test the eggs to see if there are live babies in there .
  3. juliet3sierra

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    Jan 7, 2013
    I'm at a loss...candled 8 and they were empty. I'm still not comfortable with early candling. I don't trust what I see enough to throw them in the trash. The 8 I pulled I cracked open and there was nothing. I have about 6 more in the bator. What I don't get is I have 3 roosters and 3 hens why aren't they fertile.....or maybe they were and just didn't develop. Oh we'll....ill keep trying.
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    Apr 26, 2012
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    This is my first time hatching. We are using a broody hen. I have been candling every day and searching everywhere on line to get good pics of what to look for. Today is day 7 and I found a good sight that compared fertile to infertile pics so I went ahead was going to throw 2 if the 4 eggs away. We broke them open to find a tiny- very tiny baby. All the pics of fertile eggs this far along were much more developed at this point. I am DEVASTATED! We are leaving the other 2 eggs for another week. I'm not making the decision next time. Has anyone had this happen before? Any suggestions????
  5. hokankai

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    Just because you saw a baby doesn't mean it was alive. I've had this happen with a Day 8 quitter, it didn't develop past day 8. That's probably what happened to yours, just died really early on.

    Oh, I also wait until day 10 to toss any JUST in case. By day 10 you should most definitely see something if you can see through your eggs.
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