Ooops, I think I might have a rooster???


6 Years
Mar 22, 2013
Morgantown, WV
I got 6 chicks and I was told they were all sexed and all females. I have two RIR and I think I am beginning to wonder if I dont have two roosters on my hands. I really hope not, I have theses ladies for eggs only NOT meat. I am going to include a couple of photos if that will help. They are about 8 weeks old and the two in question have larger combs than the others and are feathering faster. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Also, are they RIRs?? I am still trying to figure out how to get photos from my photo stream on here so this might not be the best one!!
It's too hard to be 100% sure with that picture, but from what I can see the comb looks to be too small for an 8 week old cockerel. Also, in general pullets tend to feather in faster than males. If you can post better pictures maybe someone can definitively answer your question.
the chick in the back looks like a RIR, but the front one looks barred to me. I have 8-9 week old california whites and the roosters combs are a red color while the pullets are more of a pinkish skin color. plus the combs are also bigger...these chicks look like they are 5 weeks old max to me as mine are fully feathered at 8 and 9 weeks

see the difference in the white ones comb compared to the front white two. can u tell any differnce in looking at the combs on yours. and the top pic is a pic of my barred cochin also thats why i was saying that about yours in the front....maybe somebody with way more experience will help you out...good luck with your chicks
Are you sure they are 8 weeks old? It looks a few younger than that, but if it is indeed 8 weeks old, could be a girl, but the shape of the comb looks like a roo's might at maybe 5-6 weeks of age and it is standing a bit like a roo. Clearer pictures would probably help! :)
So I am trying to get some better pics of the birds. One of the questions I have is that I was looking through the pic of the week on this site and saw photos of hens (at least the caption said they were hens) and they had bright red combs and wattles! I am totally confused!!

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