Oops! First chicken math fail


Mar 1, 2021
Downeast Maine
My daughter and I went to a farm swap yesterday with the loose intention of maaaayyyybe getting a couple of pullets to add to the flock, so this wasn't completely accidental chicken math failure. We brought home two blue splash standard cochins who are 4-5 weeks old:

I'm very excited for these two. So far they're sweet and calm, as you'd expect. The rest of the flock (13 wks) don't seem too intent on murdering, though we've got them separated in their own enclosure within the run just in case.


Aug 22, 2021
Chicken math is starting with 5.. one dies you go to replace it.. come back with 12 (yes 12) one of those 12 dies so you have eleven (2 of the remaining 11 are meat birds).. so 13 mix of layers hoping for eggs and 2 for meat.. go back for feed come back with 2 ducks.. go back when your neighbor says .10 cornish x meat birds.. come back with 6 more meat birds and 3 more ducks (.10c on the ducks too).. chicken math is very dangerous. I have been thinking about adding more coops... because soon enough chicken math will be more than my coops capacity.. Though it looks like I have a roo in the making and will just create the chicks now.. :lau

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