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    So I had eggs due the 12th, they started pipping on the 10th, 21 hatched, and by the 14th I figured the last 15 eggs were done for, no nothing out of them. Well last night I decided to crack the eggs and see where they had quit, much to my surprise, [​IMG] I had a living, breathing chick inside, now I had taken these out of the bator earlier in the day to clean it for the next hatch, so I was shocked, and sad for this poor baby. I chipped some more of the shell away and it started bleeding so I wrapped it in warm wet paper towel and put it back in the bator. as of this morning it was still alive so I went ahead and helped it out of it's shell, it had a bit of the yolk unabsorbed, so I put it back in the bator on a wet warm paper towel and when I got home this afternoon it is still alive and kicking, the yolk has absorbed, the thing I am worried about now is maybe it's little feet being curled, but, I will do what I can to see that it makes it. So when you ask and someone tells you to give it a few more days, please do so. [​IMG]
  2. Very interesting. I would never had thought. Good luck with the chick.
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    WOW!!! Please keep us updated on this little guy!!
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    oh wow, and yes keep us posted, good luck

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