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    A fellow BYC'er started a meet up thread. In the past, when we started a new meetup we'd just put the updated info on the first post and refer people to that. Since we all get so chatty it's a great way to keep the thread updated without the important information getting lost or buried.

    I've created new threads specifically for the meet ups, but we still announce the meet up on the original thread and would like to keep the date of the next meet up on the Title of the original thread.

    I've been contacted by the OP who says that now she's unable to edit the thread. Could you please advise us what to do? Is a moderator able to fix it?

    Here's the original thread:

    https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/...ets-meetup-update-june-2012/7010#post_9641866 (Would like it to say the same except for "Fall 2012" instead of "June 2012")

    Here's the spin off thread, which I generally close once the meet up has passed:


    Thank you,
    Knock Kneed Hen​

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