Open Coop Design?


May 1, 2015
Shadow Hills, CA
Hello all!

I am a newbie to raising chickens, so I have been googling like crazy. I will be building my coop this weekend and have a pretty set design in mind, the pretty standard coop with attached run. But recently I have been seeing very open coop designs in my area (Los Angeles, CA) where it is essentially all in one. Does anyone have one of these open design coops? What are the benefits/disadvantages? I assume weather and safety would be the main concerns, but with rarely ever any rain and no cold weather maybe this would be fine in my area. I am by no means a carpenter so building this type of coop would save me a lot of hassle, but I want to make sure I do what is best for my chickens.

Any input would be appreciated!

I will attach a picture of one that I am talking about. IT IS NOT MY PHOTO, I COPIED IT OFF OF CRAIGSLIST.
I am planning something similar to this. We do have a couple of cold months, so I'm adding a large door that I can swing shut to close the coop up. For the hot months, it will be swung open and hooked to the side of the run.

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