open mouth breathing?


Aug 4, 2016
One of my 2 month ld chicks started to open mouth breath! It seems lethargic but is eating and drinking fine! pooping good it even open mouth breaths when a sleep. Its not hot at all. only 75 cloudy and windy! its chirping but as its mouth opens and closes it makes a funny cracking sound! can anyone help?

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Can you post a video of her?

Have you check in her mouth/throat to make sure she has no obstruction?
Any signs coughing, sneezing, discharge from eyes/nose?

If there is nothing blocking her airway, she may have a respiratory illness.

Separate her so you can monitor her symptoms, food/water, poop and progress.

The open mouth breathing and chirping makes me suspect Infectious Bronchitis, but it could be a number of things.

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