Open Mouth, Insert Foot....


10 Years
Jun 8, 2009
MidCity, New Orleans
Ever have one of those days when every word that comes out of your mouth (or off your fingers) is embarrassing or offensive, even though you didn't mean it? Gah! I want to go hide somewhere!

At least those I've ruffled today aren't on my daily rounds, so hopefully by the time I see 'em again it'll be forgotten.
Yes I had a day like that once. Then one of my coworkers gave me a little sign that said "Dear Lord, Please keep your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth!". I hung it right in front of my face, just above the computer screen so I could see it every day, all day. It helped a little! Retirement helped even more.
That's like the time my Mom gave me & DH a weis gift card (grocery store) for christmas. We were in the car with DH's parents, and he was making fun of the gift card. I diligently said "Well, at least it's good for something, not like a home depot gift card or something like that!"... Oh yeah, DH's Mom had given him a home depot gift card that christmas too... OOPPPPSSSSS!!!!!!
Amazingly enough she still talks to me

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