Opening outside Brooder? Can I?


11 Years
Sep 28, 2010
Los Angeles CA
Hello - I have a commercial brooder that has chicks ranging from 3 weeks old to 6 weeks old. It is under a "loft coop" in my chicken yard. It is in the high 70's to low 80's in Los Angeles and these chicks seem so ansy to get out. Do you think if I put steps up INTO the brooder - that they would return to the heat at night?

I don't want to do this unless I hear from someone that they will most likely go back on their own, as I don't want to be chasing 50 chicks to put them back in the brooder! :) getting too old for that!


How high are you talking about? Can you make a ramp with a gentle slope? I would think they would go back if they came out on their own. I'd say that they would if the brooder were at ground level.

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