opossum trying to get in the coop

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    Last night the dogs started going crazy outside my husband and son and I all ran out to see what was going on and there was a opossum right beside our chicken coop. My husband killed it and then buried it. This was around 9:30pm Then at about 12:30 they went crazy again I got up looked out the window with the flash light saw nothing and was gonna go back to bed they went crazy again so I walked out the side door and stuck my head around the side of the house and there was another one right beside the dog house they chased that one away my little chihuahua Rudy went after it and kept biting it's butt and then he would run and then go right back and bite it's butt again If I would not have been terrified for him I would have laughed. I have only had my chickens for a few months. Will they keep coming now that they know they are here and although I think my coop is pretty safe and secure can they chew through wood to get to my chickens and will they kill them?[​IMG]The only whole is a small hole in the bottom floor board but it is really small hole but it is sitting on the ground so I don't think they can get under it but just in case how small of a hole can they get in?
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    They can fit inside a hole the same size as their head. And yes it will likely be back.
  3. Ugh...I can't stand opossums, sorry to hear you have them. I would seal up the hole regardless, because the possum may not be able to get through it, but they can use it to make larger holes. Not only that, but it will help keep the smaller predators out, too.

    *Normally* opossums body temperature is a very UNinviting host to rabies (too cold) and thus they cannot host them effectively very often. It dies off most of the time, leaving the opossum healthy. Not always - they do have reported cases of rabid opossums. However...if your dog has a run in with an infected opossum...it could mean trouble. I would suggest that you get a Rabies Titer Test done for Rudy to make sure he still has a resistance built up against Rabies from a previous Rabies shot...and if he doesn't, I would get one administered to him right away.

    I'm sure someone else will be along to help you further in regard to the opossums.
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    Watch your chicken coop . Cover the hole.Thats my advice.

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