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  1. AlwaysForever

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    Feb 22, 2015
    I am curious as to what everyone else plans to do if they end up with a Roo? We were always planning on meat personally as we got feed store chicks so normally not the best breeding stock and only wanted farm fresh eggs. We aren't planning on hatching or incubating our own chickens at least until we get the hang of the basics.

  2. kmartinez

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    Jan 9, 2015
    I ordered a roo, however I ordered 17 one of my light brahmas out of 5 is def a roo, I think i know which one the roo is, its feet are huge however there is a chance some of my other breeds i might have a roo in there to. I only plan on keeping the Brahma roo as if its the one i think it is as sweet as it can be the other 4 are to but i have been trying to handle the brahmas more because i know there is a roo there and i especially want the roo friendly to humans.

    According to my research brahma roos r less noisy supposedly the book says LOL. However i have a no crow collar, this is not something i want to use but i will if i have to as i want to keep my roo we have a noise ordinance I am on an acre i don't foresee an issue but i got it just in case. I ordered sexed chicks but there is still a chance for another roo it will probably be dinner honestly as i don't want two roos fighting or over mating the hens.
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    Apr 22, 2012
    Central Pennsylvania
    I usually order pullet chicks, as I don't like to spend the time and money (and coop space!) raising cockerels to the age/size where they have enough meat on them for butchering. However, even all-pullet orders sometimes include an accidental cockerel. We do end up raising them for meat if we can't find another home for them.

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