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    Am I just cursed this year, or has the shipping got a lot worse? I just placed another order on Monday......it's Wednesday night & no updates on tracking since early Tuesday am. My order before this one I had 17 of 25 survive. I had one shipment that didn't even reach me. I was contacted by the post office from another state saying the chicks were dead so they couldn't forward them.

    Has there been any shipping changes or regulations that are slowing orders down? I used to be able to get an order in 2 days....now I'm lucky (or i should say the chicks are) if I get them in 3 days.

    Has anyone got a shipment on the 4th day & had survivors? Anyone else having issues getting orders?

    The hatchery's have been great and cooperative, but there's not much they can do after they get shipped.

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    It's was fine for me and my order from Ideal, ordered 28 Little chicks on Monday June 27, they shipped the very next day the 28 and I just got them today, so it took 2 days for me to get them. All well and alive, although I was expecting some packing peanuts. But no I got exactly the 28 I had ordered.

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