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    Has anybody ordeed any chicks from Ideal lately? Is it safe with all that flu stuff, I don't see why it wouldn't be but, am concerned about that and all the talk of the hatcheries having mainly male chicks. I don't want to order straight run chicks if all they have hatched is male chicks.Don't want awhole bunch of roo's anyone had any experience with this? Thanks!
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    I ordered from EE pullets from Ideal in January, they all turned out to be pullets. I don't think the flu has any bearing on whether or not to order from them... you're not going to get swine flu from day-old chicks.

    If you're really concerned about getting pullets, I would recommend ordering pullets from them. I believe that they are relatively honest about the straight run chicks, and I've heard stories from people who got more pullets than roos. That said, I've heard far more stories from people who got more roos than pullets. It may be that those are the more vocal ones...

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    Order pullets if that is what you want. They come out of the incubater 50% males and 50% females.

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