Ordering ducks online...?


7 Years
Jun 3, 2012
I might order some Welsh Harlequin ducklings online. What are some good websites to order them from?
You wont be ordering from a hatchery until spring 2013. Hatcheries will start offering duckling again in the spring for the most part. You may find some limited availability if you try Metzers
Okay, thanks! There are some breeds still available until late November to December, but I think I'll wait until Spring, as most to all breeds will be available.
I got 3 welsh ducks (2 females and 1 male), and 1 buff duck from Metzer Farms this spring. I am very happy with both breeds and all my girls give me an egg a day. I was very happy with Metzer Farms service and would highly recommend them.

Although all of my ducks are quiet and well behaved, my buff girl makes less noise than my welshies . She also lays huge eggs.

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