oregano oil and pox

peeper pal

10 Years
Oct 8, 2009
Hello, this is my first time posting; I hope I'm doing it right. My Marans roosters appear to have the Dry Pox. I've read many of the threads here and on other sites. I have not seen anything here about Oregano oil. There is a product that they use in the UK and China that is an Oregano oil feed supplement to discourage viruses and to promote growth in broilers. Is this available in the States? I work with tourists from all over the world every day doing body art so I'm often up close to snotty nosed kids ect..I have been using oil of Oregano personally for over four years and have not had a cold or flu ever since and I do not get flu vaccines. Oil of Oregano KILLS bacteria and viruses in the blood stream and topically. It has killed mouth infections (absested teeth) in 2 days as well as cold sores in 2-3 days. It is supposed to be esspecially good for sinus and broncial infections in humans.
I would like to try it on my chickens but am unsure of how to dose them and in what amount. I don't want to apply it directly to the pox because I know from my own experience with cold sores that it burns a bit but I'm sure that if I did it would work. Any Advice on this?
Hi. I'm not sure about the oregano oil (though I'm gonna look into it for myself) but I found something today called VetRx Veterinary Remedy for Poultry. It's for prevention & treatment of colds, roup, scaly legs, eye worm, etc. Just do a google search for "vet rx poultry". I haven't used it yet but it sounds great.

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