Organic Life Blue Seal layer pellets, but with soy....


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Mar 27, 2010
Yorktown, Virginia
now I feel like I am doing the wrong thing. I have been using CountrySide Naturals soy free organic feed for my birds, but ran out. I won't be able to get a delivery for a few more weeks, so I was thrilled that I found a local feed store selling organic layer pellets by Blue Seal. Well, dang it, I got home and it has soy in it. Now I feel like I should not give it to them after all that has been written about it. I as so torn. I guess I don't have much choice. What would you do?

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Dec 30, 2009
Wisconsin Northwoods
I would.................................Feed it..

At least it is organic soy... So no GMO's.

In our home we try real hard to avoid certain thing based on our ideology... But some times we can not. ... It surely will not harm your chickens, soy free is not about that. It will be a good comparison for you, seeing how your chickens like it, while you are waiting for your preferred feed to come in.

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