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    Hi everybody,
    I have not hatched many quail batches lately and was thinking of going for an organic diet with my new ones that are coming soon. They will have a pen with sand flooring and grass with feeders and waterers. I found turkey starter from Ranchway Feeds, 24% protein. I will try to get a picture posted soon. I would like to supplement this feed with oyster shell, grit, fresh greens, veggies, fruit, mealworms, egg, and other treats. So here's my question. At 24% protein, would my quail chicks be able to survive on it if it is supplemented with ham and greens as well as the grit and oyster shell, or is the protein simply too low? Thank you all for your time and help, here is a list of the ingredients and protein.
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    I was also wondering, since the feed is sold only in 40 pound bags, can I feed my quail this their whole lives even though it is turkey starter? Thanks once again!
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    Your feed is 26% not 24%. I also feed Ranch-way organic turkey starter. It's labeled as turkey/gamebird starter here.


    I'm assuming you have coturnix/Japanese quail? Yes they can eat this all their lives. Typically for gamebirds like bobwhite that will be released as birds to be hunted they go on a lower protein feed after they reach adult size so they can fly farther and be more "sport" to hunt. Those birds are not meant for high egg/meat production like coturnix. Coturnix need the higher protein for optimum egg production in hens, fertility of the roos, and overall vitality of all of them. With 26% you really don't need to supplement unless you want to.
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    Sorry I meant 26%. Thank you so much, I am talking about cots, thanks again.

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