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    I get so much great feedback from this forum and I'd like to organize it in such a way that I can easily go back and find the information again. i.e. right now I'm dealing with a health issue and if something like this ever happens again I'd love to simply be able to pull up a file titled "leg injuries".

    Do you have anything like this. If not it would be a really nice feature.

    Also, is there a way to see if someone has commented on one of your posts without subscribing to it?
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    Being able to file your subscribed topics into folders is a very interesting concept - I don't think I've heard anyone mention it before. I know you can now put your PM's in folders, and hopefully, putting you uploaded pics into folders is already on the Wish/ToDo list for staff. I could certainly use a folder system for my subscribed topics - so I think it's an excellent suggestion!

    And I don't believe you can limit the search function to only your subscribed topics - but that might be another way for Staff to approach a solution.

    In regards to your 2nd question, to the best of my knowledge, the only way to be notified if someone has commented on one of your posts is to subscribe to the topic. You either have to subscribe to the topic, or bookmark it. Of course, if you bookmark it, you won't be notified of any new posts.

    ETA: You can do a Search by Author, and then select posts and/or threads, so you could always search specifically for your own posts or threads - that might help a little bit.
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    You can do it on your desktop.

    Create shortcuts to the threads you want to keep track of. Save them on your desktop.

    Rename them, so you can remember easily what is in the thread.

    Make files on your desktop, Then cut & paste the thread shortcuts in the appropriate file.

    Then when you are cruising BYC you can have all the tabs open, and easily move between them.

    Example right now I have 4 tabs open

    Smilies and fun stuff
    asst chicken stuff
    Chicken Health

    In each file there are several shortcuts to threads, and other various saved information.

    Imp- I have about 30 other threads saved to my desktop, just gotta get busy and file them.

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