orphaned lamb needs help!

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    Jun 19, 2008
    I'm bottle raising 2 orphaned lambs right now. One of them is not seeming to be thriving that well. My main concern is its eyes. 1. both eyes are a little swollen, red and watery.. and i know it sounds like pink eye, but I really don't think it is... and I don't think he has an inverted eyelid. 2. it's vision ... I think it might be close to blind. so... I've heard of vitamin deficiencies that could cause temp. blindness... lots of things going thru my mind right now.. but really hoping to help this poor thing out as soon as possible. As of now.. I've been putting colloidal silver drops in his eye.. seemed to help but isn't clearing it up all the way.
    Any advice from you shepherds out there???
    ..also, is there anything special I could be adding to the milk replacer to boost his immunity or just to help him get growing better?
    Thanks all!

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