Orphans :(


5 Years
Feb 17, 2018
Mid Missouri
Well sometime over the stormy night a varmint of some kind got a Broody Silky/Duccle mix that had snuck off to try to hatch a clutch of mixxed eggs. She had found a small hole torn in the harware cloth when the Coop/Tractor was pulled out of the way when my big coop was delivered. Anyway I knew it wasn't safe and probably should have tried to relocate her to the coop. But I was afraid she would abandon the whole nest. So I let her stay. I don't know what prompted the Varmint to go in there whether the hatchlings were peeping or it was just seeking shelter from the storm. But I can see where she fought and where it finished her. She must have fought well as the three hatchling were still there. They were so cold i couldn't beleive they were still living. I got em inside and under a heat lamp. I did try briefly to give em to a hen sitting eggs. But she wanted nothing to do with em. Suprising to me once they warmed up all three have perked up. I went back for a better examination and found a piped egg. I put it to my ear and could hear the gravely rustling of breaking and movement. I got it in and warmed up and it is peeping now I don't want to rush in but I'm afraid since I am without incubator that I"m going to have to try to help it. I have it in brooder warmed up and will help it if it hasn't hatched by morning. I have a pic of them but it is taking forever to get it up loaded so I'll post it in a minute.
Well Eggsy hatched all by herself I went to check just before bed and she had hatched and was dry and with her sisters. She Looks all black and has silkie in her for sure. I can't believe they made it as cold as they were when I brought them in. Was gonna try to introduce them to a broody last night but I took a tumble last night and didn't get back out to try. perhaps tonight. Dang devices I pics coming but they are giodawful slow.
OK here are the orphans I managed to save along with the egg. I was so suprised they came back from being so cold.
Here they are last night all fluffed up and Eggsey hatched normally!!!! And she is gonna be gorgeous because a chickie daddy just knows these things :p
Well integration is completed just working on coming in at dark but here is the long awaited pics of eggsy and the gang. Was hoping for all girls of course but am pretty sure Eggsy is a Cockerel even if I can't swear on who the parents are. Pretty sure the daddy is my my Hero Chewie Roo a mottled Silkie. Eggsy is a near spitting image. Pretty sure he is daddy to the othe two of the rescue Gang. And also pretty sure those two are girls. Mommas are still in doubt They have some quirks that make me think d;Uccle so perhaps a porcelain or Mille fluer. or one of my Sasser Girls which are a first round of Mixxed babies of unsure parentage but pretty sure of the d'uccle in them. It was one of them that hatched them or nearly hatched them. Anyway speculations, guesses insights etc are encouraged. Here they are. Eggsy First of course then the gang.

The Buff Orpingtons are the bought Girls we had just got when I rescued them and the reason I already had a heat lamp warm spot to bring them to. Lucky Babies. Anyway the Yellow Americana Baby that died almost immediately is the only one that hatched that I lost. Amazing luck Eggsy and the Gang has. And I don't care if they are mutts they are beautiful to me. The proud Chickie Daddy

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