Orpington chicken breeder in Tacoma WA area


5 Years
Apr 20, 2014
Hello I am new to this site. I am thinking about getting some baby chicks this upcoming June or July. This will be my first time owning chicks. I have done a decent amount of reading on chickens and think I found the right chicken that suits what I am looking for although I am open to other suggestions. I think the buff orpington chickens will be best for me but cannot seem to find them in my area, (I live in Toledo WA) that are not show birds. I decided they were the best breed because I am looking for a bird that is not only a good egg layer, but friendly, doesn't mind spending its life in an enclosure (we have lots of predators here) and it also rains a lot here. Summers are average heat with typically mild winters. I am open to other suggestions for other breeds as well if anyone has any? lol. I just would like to be able to have a nice friendly bird that I can get a lot of eggs from. I will be hand raising/feeding them as well. Not sure if that will make a significant difference in the temperament... Thanks in advance!
Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan

Orpingtons are nice birds, and come in many beautiful colors. You might want to look for the WA thread in the Where am I - Where are You section of the Forum, there may be others in your area with Orps. Also, many hatcheries sell chicks via the mail, and some will ship as few as 6. Good luck finding your birds.

Welcome to BYC!

Buff Orpingtons make very good pets, egg layers, are very docile and friendly and are quite weather hardy. You might also consider another breed of the Orpington species, and that is the Black Australorp. These birds are extremely docile and friendly and do very well in confinement. My Black Australorps are strictly kept in a run due to the large amounts of predators I have lurking or flying and they do very well living in this run space. They are huge on lap sitting and love attention. I can't sit anywhere with out an Australorp or 2 wanting on my lap! Very friendly birds.

But as 1muttsfan suggested, you might head over to your states thread to chat with others in your area as to where they get their birds or possibly find a local breeder....


You can also check our Buy Sell and Trade section in hopes of finding a breeder nearby....


You can also check the hatcheries like Murray McMurray, My Pet Chicken, Ideal or even Meyers for these birds. Some of these hatcheries will allow you to order small orders but it they don't, you might share an order with someone you find in your states thread.

Good luck on this quest and if you have any other questions, feel free to ask. Welcome to our flock!
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! TwoCrows gave you some good suggestions for finding your Orpingtons. Sussex, Delawares and Wyandottes are some other brown egg layers that tend to be friendly, and you might look in to Easter Eggers, most hatchery ones are nice birds and good egg layers.
guys,I know this probably is not the right spot for this and I have NO idea how to work these forums LOL. But I really really need some advice here on something!! I decided to go a head and get ducks instead, and 4 of them. They won't be here until next month and I have a shed they can stay in but needs a little work for security.I plan on spending a LOT of time with them daily in the summer time here on the land so they can enjoy their kiddie pool. My main concern and question is, what do I do for winter? They will be put up every night in their shed (which I also need some suggestions with please!) but the housing area for night will also need to be used for winter time and be comfortable for them and predator proof as they will be spending MOST of their time in it for the winter months.. Really at a total loss here :(

This Leghorn would click her nails on my door seal to get my attention..worked most of the time..and she knew it would.

There are many breeds that do well confined. The sexlink is great..I prefer the buff or reds..I have had problems with the black for some reason..I'm sure many love them. Also, the RIR, the Easter Eggers, the one's that give you colored eggs. The leghorn. Yes, they say they are flighty, but when my girls go into the run for the winter, they do great! These birds I've mentioned are great egg layers! The Buff Orpinton lays ok..and, is prone more to go broody than these others I've mentioned. I love the RIR and Leghorns..they are friendly. All of mine have been. Some say they aren't but every one that I've had, are very very friendly. Here is a photo of a RIR and Leghorn at my back door begging for treats.

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