Orpington Color Help


7 Years
May 24, 2012
North Florida
Semi new to chickens for other than an egg source (had them most of my life to have eggs on the table) now my husband and I are getting picky about breeds. We are hooked on Orpingtons after having inherited a few. Can anyone identify if our Rooster is truly lavender or is he a super pale blue? I had seen a blue roo, and he looks nothing like it. We also hatched two chicks so far out of a black hen with this roo and the chicks are...I don't know, splash or mottled? Help would be appreciated. The hen went broody and these two have hatched so far. I also have a young pullet out of a black roo and what looks like a lavender hen, but not sure. Thought it was a splash, but the background color is too blue/lavender compared to the other splashes I have. This novice will bow to your knowlege...


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