Orpington eggs: Isabel laced project

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    12+ standard Isabel laced project orpington eggs.
    Lavender rooster over golden laced, isabel laced and lavender hens carrying the mottled gene.

    You may hatch: Lavender, golden laced, isabel laced, porcelain, mottled

    Price is $40, including shipping. PM me to pay through paypal. Eggs will ship Monday 3/19 and Wednesday 3/21.

    The eggs will be individually wrapped in bubble wrap and floating in packing peanuts. I've had a lot of eggs shipped to me and I find that this way works best. I cannot guarantee hatch rate due to post office handling.

    I will try to attach more pictures soon.[​IMG]

    This is my rooster pictured in his winter coop. Then hens in the background are not part of this project.
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